The ‘Advanced Epoxy Coating Process’ especially with specific chosen INTERFILL® material is used to repair worn, corroded and/or eroded piece parts out of railway vehicles / freight cars, gas turbines and marine engines; parts that must meet exact criteria of operation, reliability and safety. You’ll see the enormous potential of INTERFILL® when conventional repair methods fail and parts normally need to be scrapped. This is the moment when you consider INTERFILL® as a powerful tool to salvage your component.

The base material properties remain unaffected, even if repeated several times. Our Epoxy alloy INTERFILL® is applied as a paste and then hardened by curing to develop its special characteristics and can therefore be added on previous applications.

Typical applications of the ‚Advanced Epoxy Coating Process‘ INTERFILL® are:

  • Engine & gas turbine accessories (fuel-, oil- & pneumatic systems, etc.)
  • Hydraulics & pneumatic pumps
  • Cylinders (brake assemblies & engine mounting)
  • Actuators
  • Valves